Municipal Court Department

Frequently Asked Questions

Bluffton Municipal Court is located in the Old Town of Bluffton on 20 Bridge Street.

All payments for Bluffton Municipal Court should be mailed to Post Office Box 386 Bluffton SC 29910.

We accept Cash (please do not mail cash), Personal Checks (local residents and payments cannot be delinquent), Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover), Money Order, or Cashier’s Check (made payable to Town of Bluffton Municipal Court).

Payments can be received by mail, online, or in person. Bluffton Municipal Court accepts cash, credit cards, cashier’s checks, money order or local personal checks (payments cannot be delinquent). Payments are receipted on the day payment is received.  If you mail your payment make sure you allow between 5-7 working days for it to be received. We are open to receive payments Monday –Thursday (8:00am-5:00pm) and Friday (8:00am-12:30pm). Please note NO PERSONAL checks will be accepted if you are paying after the court date.

Changes to your address have to be received in writing via email (court[at], in person (20 Bridge Street Bluffton SC), or faxed (843-706-4503). Please make sure that you call to verify the information has been received.

A request to reschedule your case has to be received prior to your court hearing in writing via email (court[at] or in person. You will receive the new date and time to return to court once the request has been accepted. Please note if you have already had your case rescheduled once you will need to appear in court to request it, no written request will be accepted.

Only a South Carolina resident may request a payment plan. You will need to appear on your court date to request a payment plan. No payment plan will be granted before or after your court date. Please be prepared to put down 20% of the fine amount due. If you are unsure the fine amount due please contact our office for payment amount due (843-706-4530).

A request for a Jury Trial has to be received prior to your court hearing in writing via email (court[at] or in person. You will be notified of the next jury roster and selection by the jury coordinator.

A request for a certified copy of a disposition can be made by submitting a letter in writing in person, mailed, or emailed. Please include defendant name, violation, date of birth, and a contact number. For further information regarding a case please visit the Beaufort County Public Index

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