Septic Assistance

When Town Council adopted the May River Watershed Action Plan in 2011, the document identified failing septic systems as a potential contributor of pollution to the May River. The town recognized this to be true for the other waterways, the Okatie/Colleton rivers and the New
River, that lie partially within our jurisdiction as well.

A failing septic system is not only an environmental challenge, but it is also a clear public health, safety and welfare concern. This program is intended to provide septic system assistance for citizens within the Town’s jurisdiction. The Town of Bluffton provides assistance for septic systems in need of maintenance, repair or replacement. This support is provided through the Town’s Neighborhood Assistance Program. Please find the program application here.

Please read the policies for Septic Assistance requests and for Stormwater Septic Assistance request forms. For more information please contact Victoria Smalls, Community Development Coordinator via email at 

The Town of Bluffton also provides septic system educational support through the Town’s stormwater education website, Neighbors for Clean Water. You can find out more on how to maintain your septic system by clicking here.

Septic Assistance FAQs

How do I qualify for septic assistance?

The Town of Bluffton provides assistance for Town residents that are in need of maintenance, repair, or replacement of their septic system. If you need support please fill out the Town’s Neighborhood Assistance Program Application Septic Assistance

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