Town Council Agenda - December 12, 2017

6:00 p.m.

I. Call to Order - Mayor Sulka

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Invocation

IV. Adoption of Agenda

V. Adoption of Minutes:

1. Town Council Regular Meeting Minutes of November 14, 2017

VI. Presentations, Celebrations and Recognitions:

1. Beaufort County School District Character Student of the Month - Mayor Sulka

2. Hargray Caring Coins Day Proclamation - Mayor Sulka

3. Bluffton Christmas Parade Winners - Mayor Sulka

4. Palmetto Electric's Presentation of Rural Development Act Utility Tax Credit Funds in the Amount of $71,150 - Berl Davis, President and Chief Executive Officer

5. "Reducing Plastic Pollution in the Lowcountry" - Rikki Parker, Coastal Conservation League

VII. Public Comments

VIII. Communications from Mayor and Council

IX. Formal Items:

1. Consideration of Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee Funding Recommendation for Quarter Ending September 30, 2017 - Natalie Majorkiewicz, Treasury Manager

X. Consent Agenda:

1. Monthly Department Reports: Police, Finance/Administration, Engineering, Don Ryan Center for Innovation, and Growth Management

2. Town Manager's Monthly Report

3. Consideration of a Resolution Amending the Composition of the May River Watershed Action Plan Advisory Committee to Add One (1) Additional At-Large Member - Bryan McIlwee, Director of Engineering

4. Consideration of a Resolution to Authorize the Acquisition of Easements Associated with Street Lighting Enhancements and Authorizing the Execution and Recordation of the Temporary Construction Easements and Associated Documents - Bryan McIlwee, Director of Engineering

5. Adoption of 2018 Town Council Regular and Workshop Meeting Schedules - Kimberly Chapman, Town Clerk

XI. Public Comments

XII. Executive Session

1. Legal Advice from Town Attorney (Pursuant to SC Freedom of Information Act 30-4-70[a][2])

a. The Receipt of Legal Advice Related to Proposed Culinary Institute Venture for Technical College of the Lowcountry

b. The Receipt of Legal Advice Related to Contract Negotiations for Municipal Services

c. The Receipt of Legal Advice Regarding Beaufort County Right of Way Ownership and Maintenance Responsibilities

2. Discussion of Proposed Contractual Arrangements Relating to the Regional Dock at Calhoun Street (Pursuant to SC Freedom of Information Act 30-4-70[a][2])

3. Discussion Relating to Negotiations and Contractual Arrangements for the Acquisition of Real Property Adjacent to Stroup Lane (Pursuant to SC Freedom of Information Act 30-4-70[a][2])

XIII. Action from Executive Session

XIV. Adjournment

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