Executive Department

Town Manager

Duties & Responsibilities

As chief executive officer for the Town, the Town Manager is responsible for:

  • Hiring and supervision of Town employees
  • Implementing policies approved by Town Council
  • Maintaining effective and positive relationships with public/private agencies and organizations that affect the Town’s interest
  • Managing the Town as a whole
  • Overseeing capital improvement programs
  • Presenting the annual budget

About Marc Orlando

Town Manager Marc Orlando has served as Town Manager of the Town of Bluffton since September 2014. The Town Manager is appointed and held accountable by Town Council.

Originally from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Orlando initially joined the Town of Bluffton in 2004. In 2009 Orlando was named Deputy Town Manager, serving in that position until his appointment as Town Manager. 


Orlando is a graduate of the University of Windsor, Ontario with a B.A. in Urban Planning with a concentration in Business Administration. 


Orlando is a member of:

  • International City/County Management Association (Credentialed Manager)
  • Urban Land Institute, Carolina Market Impact Regional Initiative Council
  • American Planning Association, AICP
  • Municipal Association of South Carolina

Community Involvement

Orlando’s community involvement includes:

  • Don Ryan Center for Innovation Board
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