May River Watershed Action Plan

The May River Watershed Action Plan was developed to:

  • Provide a strategy for assessing problems and implementing solutions to restore shellfish harvesting in the May River.
  • Provide a strategy for assessing and implementing preventative measures to protect the May River from future degradation.
  • Identify opportunities for land purchase, conservation easement purchase, and public, private, and public/private opportunities for retrofit projects.
  • Establish priorities, identify funding opportunities, coordinate specific partners and policies (i.e. ordinance changes), and establish timelines such that the Town can use this information as a business plan to be implemented with other Town annual Capital Improvement and Budgeting programs.
  • Serve as a template for other area watershed action plans.

The Action Plan will not be successful as a static, stand-alone document. It is intended to be a living document with frequent updates and modifications. It will evolve over time so that successful recommendations and projects are highlighted and expanded on, while less successful and ineffective concepts are removed.

The Action Plan must maintain consistency and alignment with other official plans and guidance documents, with the goal of protecting the May River Watershed.

A copy of the Town’s May River Watershed Action Plan can be found here.

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