Signs/Road/Trail/Tree Maintenance

Guidelines for Removing Hazardous Trees

The primary goal for the Town is to provide a safe and accessible space when under tree canopy. The health of trees and limbs will be evaluated and addressed accordingly. Proper cutting techniques and/or consultation with a tree professional will be used.


The Town is responsible for maintaining proper signage along Town-owned streets and public spaces. Types of signs could include traffic, street name, or parking signs, as well as directional, park, and historic or location marker signs. If any damaged or missing signs are observed please contact the Town via SeeClickFix. The Town will coordinate with other jurisdictions as required if a missing or damaged sign is not the Town’s responsibility. If you wish to inquire about a directional sign for your business please contact the Town at 843 706-4500 or at growthmanagementcs[at]


The Town owns and maintains several streets, which can be found at the following link. If you see an issue with any of the Town’s streets, or any other streets within Town limits, please contact the Town via SeeClickFix. We will coordinate with the appropriate responsible party if the issue falls outside the jurisdictional limits of the Town. The Town also offers financial assistance through the Neighborhood Assistance Program if there is an accessibility concern for emergency services off of a privately-owned drive or street. Inquiries can be made by calling 843 706-4500 or emailing for more information.


The Town strives to have a sustainable, walkable community with pedestrian safety in mind. Sidewalks and trails are built, maintained, and planned by the Town to aid in that goal. If you see an issue with any of the Town’s pathways, please contact the Town via SeeClickFix.


The location of a tree in need of maintenance will help determine who will be responsible for that maintenance. Trees located on town owned and/or operated properties or easements will be maintained by the town. The Town will coordinate with other parties and/or jurisdictions if there are hazardous trees located on public or critical right-of-way not owned or operated by the Town. Potential areas where trees or limbs could be evaluated and/or removed include Town property, stormwater drainage easements on private property, utility easements, SCDOT or county right-of-way, and private property.

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