The Engineering Department provides general services that enhance the quality of life, safety, and health of the residents of the Town of Bluffton. The Department provides responsible leadership for Public Works projects within the Town of Bluffton, promotes technical development and implementation of Town specific standards, manages stormwater runoff by implementing the May River Watershed Action Plan, anticipates capital improvement needs by developing cost-effective, viable solutions as part of the Town’s Capital Improvements Budget, and implements sound technical policies and procedures to ensure the quality of the completed projects coincides with the expectations of the residents of Bluffton.

The Engineering Department utilizes the Strategic Plan, developed annually by Town Council, the Mayor, the Town Manager, and Town staff as a road map for work plans, budgeting, staff assignments, capital projects, and additional efforts developed around the Strategic Plan.

Comprised of three divisions, the Engineering Department consists of administrative, professional, and technical personnel that work to achieve the vision set forth by Council and our Town residents.

CIP Projects

To provide quality, competent, and comprehensive project & program management services to the Town and its residents in a safe, responsible, and cost-effective manner.

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The Public Works Division

The Public Works Division provides efficient and cost-effective management of the Town's assets and related services.

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Watershed Management Division

The Town of Bluffton’s Stormwater and Watershed Management Division is directly responsible for developing, implementing and promoting initiatives in support of the Town’s Strategic Plan, specifically Focus Area: The Surrounding Rivers and May River and Watersheds.

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