Town Facilities

Buckwalter Place Multi-County Commerce Park

This project involves planning, design, and construction of infrastructure improvements at Buckwalter Place Tech Park.

In accordance with Chapters 6 & 10 of the Comprehensive Plan, the Buckwalter Place Tech Park is envisioned as a key center for economic development in the Town of Bluffton. Bluffton Town Council, Beaufort County Council, and Jasper County Council previously joined together to designate this site as a Multi-County Industrial Park (MCIP). In the Strategic Plan, Buckwalter Place Infrastructure was included as a priority item.

Town Hall Redevelopment

The intent of this project is to redevelop and enhance the existing Town Hall facility to meet current and projected staffing needs. Major phases of the project include initial building assessment, staffing needs assessment, conceptual design, engineered design and finally construction.

This project supports the Town of Bluffton's Strategic Plan Goal of "Upgraded Town Infrastructure and Facilities."

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