Roadway Improvements


A component of Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects includes the replacement or construction of new roadways, paving and widening of existing roadways and construction of new regional roadway arterials. The Town’s current roadway projects include:

May River Road Streetscape (Final Phase)

The final phase of the May River Road Streetscape project includes the reconstruction of the roadway and installation of curb/gutter & sidewalks from Pin Oak Street to Whispering Pine Street. In addition, sidewalks will be installed on the north side of the roadway from Whispering Pine Street to Buck Island Road. Finally, street lights and landscaping will be installed between Pin Oak Street and Jennifer Court.

Improvement of the May River / Bruin Road corridor is an implementation step of the Old Town Master Plan, supported by the Comprehensive Plan and the SC 46 Corridor Management Plan. The provision of sidewalks and on-street parking will improve the appearance of the downtown area, while increasing safety for pedestrians. Sidewalks and pedestrian amenities are especially important in Old Town because the walkable character is threatened by increasing traffic. The Old Town can be navigated by foot or bicycle, so it is essential to build upon its pedestrian scale. When planning future sidewalk projects, consideration must be given to provide safe pedestrian access to parks and schools, where children walk, and along streets that connect major activity centers or where pedestrians comfort is impacted by heavy vehicular traffic. Improving sidewalks and pedestrian connections within Bluffton will help draw regional trails and bike paths through the Town, which can increase commerce and tourism. In keeping with the vision of a walkable community, Phase 2 will provide additional sidewalk from the terminus of the roadway construction at Whispering Pines to tie to existing sidewalk at Jennifer Court.

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