Pathways, greenways, and sidewalks are corridors of protected open space managed for conservation, recreation and alternative transportation purposes. Greenways often follow natural land or water features, and link nature areas, parks, schools, cultural features, destination places and historic sites with each other and with populated areas within the Town. Pathways and sidewalks located in the Town of Bluffton are used for walking, bicycling, and running primarily.

The Town’s is currently working on efforts to increase the number of pathways and sidewalks within the Town limits. The Town benefits of these include:

  • Making communities better places to live by preserving and creating open spaces;
  • Encouraging physical fitness and healthy lifestyles;
  • Creating new opportunities for outdoor recreation and non-motorized transportation access to key destinations in the Town;
  • Strengthening the local economy;
  • Connecting the community to schools, attractions and parks;
  • Protecting the environment; and
  • Preserving culturally and historically valuable areas in the Town.

Pedestrian Pathways

Goethe Road/Shults Road Sidewalks

This project provides funding for the design and construction of sidewalks and pathways in the Goethe Road area including Goethe Road, Shults Road, Hildebrand and portions of 8th and 9th Avenues. The project will include both new sidewalks and extensions of existing sidewalks, with a focus on connectivity and pedestrian safety.

According to the Comprehensive Plan, consideration must be given to provide safe pedestrian access to parks and schools, where children walk, along streets that connect major activity centers, or where pedestrian comfort is impacted by heavy vehicular traffic. Sidewalks and pathways accommodate safe and convenient travel for bicyclists and pedestrians, as well as for providing the residents of Bluffton with alternative means of transportation and opportunities for exercise and recreation. A plan implementation step is to ensure that bicycle and pedestrian facilities are designed to connect schools, community services, and destinations as well as provision of well-designed and constructed pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Finally, the Town Council identified "Transportation & Pedestrian Safety" as one of their top priorities in the most recent Community Needs Assessment.

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