Park Development

Chapters 7 & 10 of the Comprehensive Plan identify the provision of parks & recreation as an important part of the Town and its quality of life. Also, this on-going work supports Goal 5 (Upgraded Town Infrastructure and Facilities) under the Strategic Plan.

Oyster Factory Park - Dock, Garvin House, Parking Expansion

Improvements to Oyster Factory Park are based on a conceptual plan drawn by Wood & Partners based on public input gathered at a series of charrette meetings and coordinated with Beaufort County. The next phase in this multi-year project includes the completion of the courtesy dock, parking areas and the next phase of preservation for the historic Garvin House. Chapter 7 of the Comprehensive Plan proposed improvements to Oyster Factory Park including, but not limited to, the provision of improved parking and related activities. Chapter 4 of the Old Town Master Plan envisions the enhancement of connections to the May River, with a special call-out to Oyster Factory Park with its access to the river as well as the need to preserve the Garvin House. Finally, the Town Council's current Strategic Plan places a priority on the proposed improvements under this project.

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