Old Town Development

Calhoun Street & Adjacent Area Study (Phase 5B)

Calhoun Street is part of a mixed-use district with commercial, residential and institutional (both school & church) components. Identified needs include, but are not limited to, parking, congestion during peak hours, school routing, pedestrian access, emergency vehicle access, property access, connectivity, streetscape & landscape elements, and stormwater issues. Initial phase of this project included the Calhoun Street and Adjacent Area Study. Once a consensus is reached with Town Council on direction, work will transition from the Planning Phase to the Design Phase during FY2016.

Chapter 9 of the Comprehensive Plan envisions the provision of parking and promotion of connectivity, pedestrian access, and other matters related to the study work area. Chapters 3, 4, and 5 of the Old Town Master Plan reinforce these guiding principles including the need to "nurture your memorable streets" and "foster connectedness in all things." Finally, Town Council identified this project as a priority in its Strategic Plan.

Old Town Lighting and Street Signs

This project involves planning, design, and construction of lighting and signage in Old Town.

This project supports Goal 5 (Upgraded Town Infrastructure and Facilities) under the Strategic Plan.

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