Historic District Sanitary Sewer Extension - Phase 2

Historic District Sanitary Sewer Extension - Phase 2 along Bridge Street between the intersection of Wharf Street and the end of the road, consists of construction of 1,100 linear feet of 8" gravity sanitary sewer main, grinder pumps and force mains, and the abandonment of septic tanks where present. The project will provide service to 12 parcels.

Chapter 7 of the Town of Bluffton Comprehensive Plan identified the provision of sanitary sewer and water infrastructure as an important component of Community Facilities. This project also conforms to the direction of Chapter 10 of the Comprehensive Plan in which Federal and State funding (e.g., CDBG funds) should be sought for public infrastructure. Finally, Town Council's annual assessment of community needs identified "Sewer and Water" as one of their top priorities.


  • Planning and Design is complete and construction is scheduled FY 2021.


  • Planning and Design will be completed in FY2019 and construction has been moved to FY2021.


  • Planning and design in coordination with BJWSA to be completed in FY 2019 and construction completed in FY 2020.
Cranston Engineering
No construction contract awarded at this time
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