Buck Island-Simmonsville Neighborhood Sidewalks

The project comprises the design and construction of sidewalks, pathways, and lighting along Buck Island and Simmonsville Roads from New Mustang South to May River Road. Approximately 10,000 linear feet of sidewalk has already been constructed within this neighborhood with an additional 6,000 linear feet of 5' wide sidewalk needed to complete the overall project. The primary focus of the new sidewalks and lighting is to create greater pedestrian connectivity and improve citizen safety.

According to the Comprehensive Plan, consideration must be given to provide safe pedestrian access to parks and schools, where children walk, along streets that connect major activity centers, or where pedestrian comfort is impacted by heavy vehicular traffic. Sidewalks and pathways accommodate safe and convenient travel for bicyclists and pedestrians, as well as for providing the residents of Bluffton with alternative means of transportation and opportunities for exercise and recreation. A plan implementation step is to ensure that bicycle and pedestrian facilities are designed to connect schools, community services, and destinations as well as provision of well-designed and constructed pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Finally, the Town Council identified "Transportation & Pedestrian Safety" as one of their top priorities in the most recent Community Needs Assessment.


  • A contract has been issued for the construction of sidewalk along Buck Island Road from Jennifer Court to the intersection with Simmonsville Road. The next phase, along Buck Island Road from the intersection of Kitty Road to 301 Buck Island Road, is in design. Construction is scheduled for FY2020. Surveying is complete for the final phase of sidewalk along Simmonsville Road from the intersection of Buck Island Road to New Mustang Drive. Design for this phase is scheduled for FY2020, with construction to begin in FY2021.


  • The design work is underway for the sections of sidewalk from Jennifer Court to Simmonsville Road, and from Kitty Road to 301 Buck Island Road.  Surveying has been ordered for the section along Simmonsville Road from the intersection of Buck Island Road to New Mustang Drive.  The design work for sidewalks scheduled to be completed in FY 2019 and construction completed in FY 2020.


  • Sidewalk and lighting construction is being implemented in conjunction with the completion of sanitary sewer for the community. The design and implementation of the remaining sections of Buck Island Road sidewalks and lighting is proposed to be completed in FY 2019. The remaining sidewalk and lighting for Simmonsville Road will be designed in FY 2019 and constructed in FY 2020, upon completion of the BIS Phase 5 sewer project.
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JS Construction - Jennifer Court to Simmonsville Road 

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