Boundary Street Lighting

This project includes planning, design, and construction of street lighting on Boundary Street from May River Road to Bridge Street. Street light fixtures will match those installed on May River Road and are proposed to improve overall safety, visibility and walkability within Bluffton's Historic District.


  • Street lighting is proposed to be completed in summer of 2019.  Easements are 95% complete.  Construction is slated to begin and finish in summer 2019.  Lights will begin at the intersection of Boundary Street and May River Road. The first phase of street lighting will be located from the four-way stop to Maiden Lane and at the Boundary Street Park.  Future phase will include lighting from Maiden Lane southward to Bridge Street. Light will have a Sheppard’s Crook fixture, matching the existing lighting found in Old Town Bluffton.


  • Street Lighting is proposed to be completed in FY 2019 and construction estimates are based on costs derived from the May River Road and Dr. Mellichamp Drive Streetscape projects. Shepherd's Crook light fixtures are proposed from May River Road to Bridge Street. Proposed costs include: Planning for surveying and easements $15,000; Construction $158,500; Legal Easement Acquisitions $10,000.
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