68 Boundary Street Park

Town Council approved the purchase of approximately 1.5 acres at 68 Boundary Street in June 2016 for the purpose of providing additional public open space and parking in the Bluffton Historic District. The project scope includes improvements to Green Street parking, sidewalks, lighting, site furnishings, a restroom addition to the existing building, tree trimming, and landscaping.

The goals of this project include the following:

  • Provide additional public parking in close proximity to the Historic District businesses.
  • Expand the Town of Bluffton's public park network and amenities adjacent to an existing popular gathering space at DuBois Park and Calhoun Street.
  • Provide a pedestrian walkway network along Boundary, Lawrence, and Green Streets to connect to Calhoun Street, DuBois Park, Heyward House and other neighborhood and businesses within Bluffton's Historic District.
  • Preserve existing tree canopy and open space in an area that was subject to likely redevelopment of highly-intense land uses.
  • Improve appearance, civic pride, and provide potential space for neighborhood interaction and opportunities to stage community events.


  • This project is in the beginning phase of site development with site work completion scheduled mid to late August. Landscape construction is scheduled for completion in late September. .


  • This project is currently in the design phase based on a 2018 Conceptual Master Plan approved by Town Council.  Building demolition, surveying, arborist evaluation and engineering concept refinement work is complete. More detailed site planning, permitting and construction documents are planned to be complete by January of 2019 with construction to follow in the Spring of 2019.


  • This project is in the design phase. Town Council has approved the Conceptual Master Plan. Demolition was completed in October 2017. Engineering design will commence to be completed by June of 2018 with construction to follow in FY 2019.
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