Code of Ordinances

Municipal Code

Current Municipal Code

The Code of Ordinances of the Town of Bluffton serves as the current municipal code. The Code is updated every five years with consideration on doing it every year. It includes all adopted Ordinances, and adopted Ordinances not yet codified, along with Town Council meeting minutes, proclamations and resolutions.  

Ordinances are effective on the date of passage, unless otherwise noted or advised. Fees and charges authorized by the Town Manager are effective on the date of the memorandum, unless otherwise noted or advised.

The codifier for the Town of Bluffton is Municipal Code Corporation.  

Get Notified of City Code Changes:

As part of the recodification process, the Municipal Code website provides notifications of changes to the Code when it has been updated. Register to receive email notifications by clicking on the "Notifications" icon in the top right corner of the Municipal Code website. 

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