What can my neighborhood or POA do to prepare for a hurricane?

•    The Town emails Property Owners Associations (POA) at the beginning of each hurricane season and prior to a storm to remind property managers of the following:   

  • Turn off any well water being pumped into man-made lakes and lagoons. This will allow water levels to decrease therefore, increasing their storage capacity.  
  • Shut off any common area irrigation systems. 
  • Inspect all storm drains for debris and blockages (i.e. pine needles, leaves, dirt, sediment or trash) and remove this material.
  • Inspect all pipe outfalls to ditches or ponds for blockages and remove any obstructions.
  • Confirm arrangements for debris/vegetation removal with a landscaping company or contractor.
  • Reduce/pump out water levels in lagoons, if possible.

•    Please remember, most stormwater drainage infrastructure is privately owned and maintenance of them are the responsibility of the POA.

•    Trim dead, loose, or overgrown trees and shrubs. Dead or broken limbs may become flying debris during a storm or high winds..

•    Communicate with neighborhood residents to trim dead, loose or overgrown limbs on their property. 

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