Cookout with Cops

Cookout with Cops is an opportunity for community members to meet and converse with officers on a more personal basis. 

The Bluffton Police Department started this outreach event in March of 2017. It involves a Bluffton neighborhood inviting the officers to their subdivision to have conversations about what is happening in their area. The officers bring food and drinks and cook for the neighborhood or area of Town. 

"We want the community to know officers are just like everyone else. We also want to have conversations with them about their neighborhood. What’s good, what might need some improvements," said Bluffton Police Chief Chris Chapmond.

Some of the areas and neighborhoods Cookout with Cops has already occurred include: Bluffton Community Center, Lawton Station, Wellstone, Hampton Hall, Buckwalter Sports Complex, MC Riley Sports Complex, and Baynard Park.