Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit is made up of highly trained and proactive officers dedicated to the prevention of traffic accidents. The unit was formed in 2016 following the receipt of a grant from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety totaling $205,000. The intent of the grant is to reduce the number of collisions and traffic-related fatalities and injuries. The Traffic Unit targets areas of high travel volume to include U.S. Route 278, SC Highway 170, SC Highway 46, Bluffton Parkway and Buckwalter Parkway.

Radar Speed Monitoring Trailer 

The Bluffton Police Department has a Radar Speed Monitoring Trailer. This unit may be deployed in known high traffic and high speed areas and neighborhood roads. The trailer will display the vehicle’s speed to the driver as well as record the date, time, location, direction of travel, and speed of vehicles passing by the unit.

The information recorded assists police with traffic counts and provides data on times and places where speeding is more likely to occur. Please note: the trailer DOES NOT record the vehicle’s registration or driver’s information.

The Speed Trailer is requested frequently. Due to this, your request will be placed in order of submission date and is subject to weather conditions.

To request the Speed Trailer, please fill out this form.