Lutzie 43


In April 2019, the Town of Bluffton became the first municipality in the nation to partner with the Lutzie 43 Foundation. The objective – inspire all of us to make better decisions as drivers. The Lutzie 43 Foundation was formed after the death of former Auburn University football player Phillip Lutzenkirchen. He died in a distracted driving motor vehicle accident in 2014. His jersey number was 43. Mike Lutzenkirchen, founder and CEO of the foundation, visited Bluffton to share his story with students at Bluffton High School, May River High School, the University of South Carolina Beaufort (USCB) and during a joint press conference. 

43 Key Seconds Campaign

Inspired by the legacy of Philip, the Lutzie 43 Foundation started the 43 key seconds initiative with a goal of creating the first nationally-recognized symbol for distracted and impaired driving. This is accomplished through the 43 key seconds key, which serves as a physical reminder for young drivers to take 43 seconds to prioritize safety behind the wheel. The 43 Key Seconds key reminds you to take 43 seconds to ensure you have a clear head, clear hands, clear eyes and click it before turning the key.


Since the partnership between the Town of Bluffton and the Lutzie 43 Foundation began, more than 4,000 students have received a Lutzie 43 lanyard and checklist card to place in their vehicle.In addition, the Town has partnered with local businesses and municipalities to assist in educating and engaging the public on the dangers of distracted driving. 

Partners, Sponsor, Support 

City of Hardeeville, Town of Hilton Head, Bluffton High School, Cross Schools, May River High School, Teens for Healthy Youth, Lowcountry Alliance for Healthy Youth, USCB, Accurate Lithography Printing Company, The Kennickell Group, The Bluffon Sun, Dick Broadcasting Co. Inc., Lowcountry Radio Group, 98.7 The River, Outback Steakhouse, Harbor Light Insurance, Circle and Shield, Palmetto Running Club, Town of Port Royal, City of Beaufort, Town of Ridgeland, Beaufort County, Jasper County.