Get Involved

Ways to Participate in Your Community

Community members are the Town of Bluffton’s greatest asset and government works most effectively when it works with its community. We also know that an informed and knowledgeable community is crucial to the success of a stormwater management program and protection of our local natural resources. Here are several ways you can get involved to help us protect our local waterways, including the May River. 

Report an Illicit Discharge or Spill

Only rain should go down the storm drain! Storm drains flow to local waterways, so it is very important to make sure that they remain free from potential contaminates. If you see any suspicious substance going into the storm drain, take a picture if you can, mark the time, date, and location, and then submit a description through SeeClickFix or to the Town of Bluffton at 843-706-4500.

Stay Informed

Learn about your government and stay current on issues by:

  1. Signing up for Town of Bluffton agendas and public involvement opportunities through the online Agenda Center
  2. Following or "Liking" Town of Bluffton Social Networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  3. Visiting the Lowcountry Stormwater Partners Consortium online and on Facebook to learn more about how local governments are participating regionally to prevent stormwater pollution, encourage individual action, and promote responsibility for water protection
  4. Signing up for the Lowcountry Stormwater Partners Changing Tides e-newsletter
  5. Attending May River Watershed Action Plan Advisory Committee (WAPAC) meetings, held each month at Bluffton Town Hall 


Getting involved as a volunteer in your community gives you an opportunity to help solve problems, make important social connections, and see your community as a living whole in which you are a vital participant. 

  1. Serve on a Board or Commission
    The Mayor and Town Council are very interested in you serving as a member of a Town of Bluffton Board or Commission. As an interested citizen and community leader, you can provide invaluable service to the Town of Bluffton through your membership and participation. 
  2. Town of Bluffton Annual Litter Cleanups
    The Town hosts two River Cleanups annually, the May River Cleanup is held in April and the River Sweep is held in September. Both events usually attract hundreds of volunteers to help clean up the May River and areas surrounding our waterways. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Beth Lewis within the Town’s Watershed Management Division at 843-706-4559.
  3. Lowcountry Stormwater Partners Volunteer Opportunities.
  4. Stormdrain Marking
    Consider joining the Lowcountry Stormwater Partners volunteer effort to mark all the storm drains in communities of Bluffton! Storm drains flow to waterways without treatment, so it is very important to warn people not to dump oil, trash, leaves, household chemicals or anything else down a storm drain. Your group can help, by marking the storm drains in your neighborhood! The markers are installed with an easy-to-use adhesive and all materials are provided. Contact the Watershed Management Division at 843-706-4512 for more information.
  5. Keep Beaufort County Beautiful’s (KBCB) Adopt-a-Highway or Adopt-a-Boat Landing Litter Programs
    The goal of KBCB is to educate individuals about litter prevention and ways to reduce, reuse, recycle, and properly manage waste materials. Through partnerships and strategic alliances with citizens, businesses, and government, KBCB’s programs motivate volunteers to clean up, beautify, and improve our neighborhoods, thereby creating healthier, safer, and livable community environments. Volunteer and business participation are encouraged. Contact Beaufort County at 843-255-2734 to learn more.

Training Opportunities

Be sure to stay up to date on Lowcountry Stormwater Partners’ latest training opportunities by following the Lowcountry Stormwater Partners on Facebook.

Other Ways to Participate

Everything’s Connected to our waterways. Runoff is rain water that "runs off" across the land instead of seeping into the ground. Storm drains located in your neighborhoods and along roadways eventually empty into our local waterways, including the May River. Citizens can help by:

  1. Learning more about the Town of Bluffton’s stormwater initiatives. Town of Bluffton Watershed Management Division staff always welcome the opportunity to present to your community. Contact the Watershed Management Division at 843-706-4512 for more information.
  2. Attending Beaufort County Stormwater Utility Board meetings, held each month at the Beaufort County Government Complex off Ribaut Road in Northern Beaufort County. 
  3. Attending Lowcountry Stormwater Partners Consortium meetings, held quarterly in the Beaufort Jasper Water Sewer Authority’s meeting room. For more information please contact Ellen Comeau, Clemson Extension Water Resources Agent, at 843-473-6023.