Law Enforcement Citizens Advisory Committee


The Law Enforcement Citizens Advisory Committee meeting schedule is to be determined.


  • Tabor Vaux - Business Owner
  • Harry Lutz - Business Owner
  • Jennifer Morrow - Town Resident
  • William O’Toole - Town Resident
  • Lawrence Ruocco - Town Resident
  • George Bailey - Town Resident

  • Ron Davies - Town Resident
  • Rosette El Sahlani - Town Resident
  • Michael Frazier - Town Resident
  • Reginald Howard - Town Resident
  • Mayra Rivera Vazquez - Town Resident

About the Committee

The 11 member Law Enforcement Citizens Advisory Committee is tasked with serving as an advisory board to the Bluffton Police Department and Town Council by bringing to their attention, the feedback of the community with regard to public safety concerns.  Further, the Committee is devoted to facilitating the free flow of ideas and discussions to improve the safety of all citizens and visitors.  Committee members will interact with community-based organizations that provide services within the Town of Bluffton; support various groups in the Town of Bluffton to ensure a coordinated effort for public safety between all parties; and provide a forum for residents to share comments, issues or concerns regarding law enforcement services. This Committee was established on January 14, 2020 by Town Council.