Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is the Town’s land planning document that provides recommendations for the wise and efficient use of public funds, future growth, development/redevelopment, and fiscal impact of the planning elements on property owners. The Planning Commission re-evaluates the Comprehensive Plan elements at least every five years and their findings are provided in the Comprehensive Plan Audit. The Comprehensive Plan must be updated every 10 years in response to changes in growth or direction of development taking place in the Town.

Neighborhood Plans

Old Town Master Plan

Starting in October of 2005, the Town government and local citizens, along with the town planning firm of Dover, Kohl & Partners, worked together to create the Old Town Master Plan. The planning process began with a review of all previous plans and studies and a thorough evaluation of the study area. Once this information was analyzed, the Town held a design charrette where, through community involvement, a workable vision and plan for the future of Old Town was crafted.

Buck Island Simmonsville Neighborhood Plan

In conjunction with the Comprehensive Plan, the BIS Neighborhood Plan serves as a long-term, comprehensive policy guide for the development of the BIS neighborhood. The Plan is a vision statement of how the community would like to see its neighborhood in the future.