Economic Development

In partnership with the Town of Bluffton, our goal at the Don Ryan Center for Innovation is to create a vibrant business climate within the Bluffton area through economic development that encourages entrepreneurship and sustainable growth. With our vision of economic development that encourages growth and stability, together with the Town of Bluffton, the DRCI offers an innovative, pro-business climate supported by workforce development programs, higher-education partnerships, an entrepreneurial network of resources, as well as numerous organizations, programs, and policies designed to give area businesses a competitive advantage.

There are a number of key factors that make Bluffton a perfect place for economic development and continued business growth. Here are just some of the reasons that business owners and their businesses are attracted to Bluffton – and what it can offer your business:

  • a robust business climate combined with a high quality of life
  • a growing professional workforce
  • favorable market conditions.
  • proximity to international and domestic markets
  • a skilled workforce
  • diverse industrial properties 

Nestled in beautiful Beaufort County, Bluffton is one of the most desirable areas to live, vacation and work in the United States. Home to a diverse array of manufacturers, a strong and growing cluster of entrepreneurs and small businesses, Beaufort County offers some of the most beautiful resort properties, islands, and beaches in the world, making Beaufort County an attractive location to call home – and a perfect place to do business.


The availability of a reliable, skilled workforce is one of the most important factors for those seeking to launch and grow their business, and we recognize that a company’s workforce is one of its top priorities. We are proud that one of the most important things Beaufort County offers is our skilled and diverse workforce – and we have taken extraordinary measures to ensure that we continue to provide the critical resource of a highly skilled workforce. With a cost of living 12 percent below the national average, South Carolina offers exceptional employees at one of the lowest labor costs in the country.

Countless companies throughout many different industries have found success in the Bluffton region – due in great part to our business-friendly environment, our workforce and tax incentives, and our close proximity to major transportation outlets. South Carolina is home to some of the most successful and innovative companies in the aerospace, automotive, advanced manufacturing, renewable energy, building products, and technology industries. These business sectors are a key component of our region’s economic success, and with our commitment to accelerating innovation and economic development – as well as ensuring that Bluffton provides a highly-skilled workforce – will only continue to grow.  

The South Carolina Promise Zone

Regional Workforce Spotlight

Global Access

Target Industries

At the Don Ryan Center for Innovation, our proactive marketing and recruitment efforts are focused on specific target industries, which include Healthcare/Biomedical, Corporate Headquarters, and Back Office & Information Technology. These target industries were selected as a result of the Target Cluster Strategy for the Lowcountry prepared for our Beaufort County region.

The Lowcountry Targeted Economic Development Strategy was initiated mid-2011 to guide future efforts to boost job creation in the region. Based upon an examination of the region’s strengths, Bluffton has identified several emerging Target Industries:

  • Health Care/Biomedical
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Back Office & Information Technology
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Light (Privately Held) Manufacturing
  • Logistics Services

Click here to learn more about the Target Industry Study.


Any business physically located within the town of Bluffton is required to have a business license. Additionally, any business that is located outside of the town of Bluffton, but comes into the town to do business, is also required to have a business license.

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