At the Don Ryan Center for Innovation, in addition to providing our innovators with the unique resources to make their dreams a reality, we are committed to empowering each of our members through education. Some of the many ways we do this are by offering programs that we have created to bolster economic development and champion the entrepreneurial spirit.

PRE-START (Coming Early 2021)

For people exploring the idea of starting a business, the Don Ryan Center for Innovation offers PRE-START. This program is in a class setting, allowing potential innovators to work with one another as they consider launching a new venture. David Nelems, our VP of Innovation and serial entrepreneur, will cover a wide range of topics so you can determine if you are ready to start your own company. 


The DRCI “STARTUP Program” places you and your startup with a team of skilled business people and a wide range of connections at the Local, State, and National levels that can help your business set and achieve goals. 

Invitation to the program is highly sought after and limited to a handful of companies. Prospective “innovators’ apply to the program. Those selected to advance present their business to a screening committee. If accepted, the average length of time in the program is 12 months.


Many business owners are in need of a jolt -- something that helps their companies grow. While our STARTUP program covers many different facets of getting a new business off the ground, our GROWTH program is a deeper dive for mature businesses that are already executing a business plan and have established revenues.

Whether it’s finding new ways to sell your products, broadening your customer base, or numerous other potential avenues for achieving GROWTH, we work together to decide what the crucial issues are and come up with a solution for you to execute. 

There is no predetermined time limit for this program.

Ready to hear more? 

For more information about all of the many programs available at the Don Ryan Center for Innovation, and to sign up for the specific programs that will help accelerate your business growth, call or contact us anytime.  

We’re here for you – and are as committed to your business as you are.