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1. Who has the authority to issue an evacuation order?
2. What local agency leads during hurricane season?
3. What if I need a shelter during a storm?
4. What if I need transportation to a shelter?
5. My neighborhood floods during major storms. What are ways to prevent flooding?
6. Why aren’t hurricane predictions more accurate?
7. What are the best sources of information during a storm?
8. What if I work in Georgia but live in Bluffton?
9. What if Beaufort County is being evacuated but the Savannah area is not?
10. Can I evacuate before an evacuation order?
11. What happens if I stay in town during a mandatory evacuation order?
12. What can I do to prepare for a storm?
13. What can my neighborhood or POA do to prepare for a hurricane?
14. How does the Town of Bluffton prepare for a hurricane?
15. How do local contractors prepare for a hurricane?